Women's Ministry

A not-for-profit ministry tailored to meet the needs of all women in areas such as, but not limited to marriage, relationships, parenting, careers and finances.

Family Focus

Darkness has covered the earth, deep darkness has covered the earth, and women need to arise and shine for the glory of God is upon them. Women are the light of the world, a city set upon the hill that cannot be hidden. Women need to carry the torch of God’s light to bring light to our families, our children’s lives, and our generation. When we pray, heaven is bound to answer and the earth is requested to produce our demand. Family Focus is designed to bring women together in prayer to pray for their families.

Family Focus is held quarterly and is designed to bring women together to pray intensely for their marriages, children, health, relationships, etc.

Its highlights include:

  • Praise and worship session
  • Intense prayer sessions targeted at specific issues such as children, health, marriage and relationship
  • Testimony from previous sessions

Girl With A Message

A Ministry designed for ladies 18 to 26 years to address peculiar issues such as sex, relationships, friendships and self-esteem.